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PICS: Jose Canseco Asks Shania Twain To Marry Him On Twitter

Who says that romance is dead?

Robert Stanton/USA TODAY Sports

Jose Canseco doesn’t think so. He believes that there’s someone out there for everyone and apparently he thinks Shania Twain and him should be together… forever, according to his tweet today.

Canseco has had it rough as of late. First he blows off his finger, then supposedly it fell off (but it was a prank), then through all that, his fiancee decides to call it quits on him. Man, what a shot (no pun intended) to the ego.

With all the chaos going on around him, Canseco just wants someone to loooove him, and that person he’d like it to be is Mrs. Twain, whom he was supposed to meet back in 1998 when he was playing for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Below is a picture of the tweet, that has since been deleted.

Maybe Canseco took it down after he realized that Twain has been married since 2011. Or maybe he’s waiting until his finger has fully healed, because he replaced his shirtless photo with a picture of his healing finger.

You stay classy, Mr. Canseco.


H/T: Twitter

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