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Landon Cohen Goes From Parking Cars To Playing In The Super Bowl

Landon Cohen is probably thinking this is all too good to be true.

Rick Osentoski/USA TODAY Sports

The story of how Cohen got to the big game this Sunday is something that you usually only see in movies.

Today, Yahoo released a story about a player on the Seattle Seahawks roster. No, it wasn’t about Richard Sherman or Marshawn Lynch. It was about a man very few people have ever heard of.

Yep, it was a feature on Mr. Cohen.

If you had asked Cohen two months ago where he’d be next Sunday, most likely he would’ve said he would be parking cars at his valet business in Spartanburg, South Carolina, or volunteering at an organization. Maybe even plopped down on his couch watching the Super Bowl at home. But instead he’ll be one among of the Seahawks taking on the New England Patriots.

Cohen has had a crazy ride since he was drafted in the seventh round by the Detroit Lions in 2008. He’s played for eight different teams in seven years, and never really cemented a place on an NFL roster. Many guys would spiral into depression or not come up with a back-up on what to do with life after football.

But not Cohen.

Cohen took the right approach and started a valet service in South Carolina with some friends, but still kept the NFL dream alive by continuing to work out to stay in shape in case anyone called.

Well, the Seahawks dialed his phone on January 7th and asked him to join their team and now he’s expected to play a good chunk of minutes trying to stop the Patriots rush attack.

I love hearing stories like this about young men who continue to strive for their dreams and have the perseverance to keep trying, while also keeping reality in check and continuing to better themselves outside the football field.

I was already leaning towards rooting for the Seahawks on Sunday, but after reading about Cohen, I hope they do win. This may be his last game, and what other way to go out then to win a Super Bowl ring.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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