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VIDEO: So, Marshawn Lynch Is Making A Movie About Marshawn Lynch

I’m still trying to grasp what I just watched.

Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the player who likes to say so little, is starring (or wants to star) in a movie about himself. Marshawn Lynch is the star in this promotion for a movie about his life titled, “Family First”: The Marshawn Lynch Story. According to the YouTube video’s description, it’s only a promotion to spark interest in this bio picture about the Seattle Seahawks running back.

I, for one, am definitely interested in seeing this film be made, because if the “promotional” video is anything to go by, there’s some love, a lot of football and Marshawn Lynch saying anything else other than “I’m here so I don’t get fined.” We just need a few car chases and maybe Michael Bay to direct so that there’s some explosions. If we get all that, then I think we have the making of a summer blockbuster.

Watch it below and make your own opinion on if you want to see this thing make it to the big screen.

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