They SaidWhat?
“As soon as he gave them the trophy, he scurried off the stage like a rat.” - Joe Thomas of the Cleveland Browns on Roger Goodell at the Super Bowl.
Lingoof the Day
Pick Six: The term used when a quarterback throws an interception and the defensive player returns it for a touchdown, resulting in six points.

The KD vs. Russ Show Finally Arrives In Oklahoma City

Well, the moment finally arrived. Durant returns to Oklahoma City. As expected, the Warriors crushed the Thunder, there was some jawing, there was some booing, but cupcakes? Who brought the cupcakes? Now, I’m hungry.

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Would You Play Sick For Great Seats?

That’s exactly what a guy did in the Italian city of Crotone. This guy went as far as to fake an illness so that he could get a room with a view of a popular soccer game. Depending on his health plan, this may have been a cheaper route than actually buying tickets.

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The Knicks Really Know How To Treat Their Legends Badly

Former New York Knicks enforcer Charles Oakley was arrested for apparently yelling at the Madison Square Garden chairman during a game. Oakley says he didn’t say a thing. The owner said he did. Anyways, it wasn’t pretty.

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Mike Tirico Is Turning Into The Man At NBC Sports

That means we won’t be seeing as much of Bob Costas’ mug anymore. Tirico’s gonna take Costas’ spot on Sunday Night Football, then will put on his big boy pants to be the primetime host of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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I Don’t Think Some Of The New England Patriots Like Trump

The team bus to the White House may be a bit light when the Patriots visit President Trump. So far, at least four players have said they won’t be making the trip to D.C.

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The NBA Wants Teams To Play Nice, So That’s What They Got

The league sent a memo out telling teams that they can’t trash talk on social media anymore, so the Kings and Hawks became best friends. Well, kinda.

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I didn't know that

The average golf ball has 336 dimples.

Stat Line of the Week

Russell Westbrook vs. Golden State in Oklahoma City: 47 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists and 11 turnovers.


LeBron James moves into 13th place on the all-time assists list when he notched assist number 7,227.

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