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What Is The Definition Of An Ace?

What Is An Ace Baseball?

1. The ace refers to the best starting pitcher on a team. The ace of a team will, unless injured, start on opening day and crucial regular season or playoff games.

What Is An Ace In Golf?

1. This occurs in golf when a player tees off and gets the ball into the hole in one-shot or stroke. This is also referred to as a hole-in-one.

What Is An Ace In Volleyball, Tennis & Other Racket Sports?

1. This refers to a serve that goes untouched, therefore resulting in a point for the serving team.

Examples Of How Ace Is Used In Commentary

1. And for Game 1 of the NLDS, both teams with have their aces starting on the mound.

2. The golfer tees off on the 12th hole and makes a miraculous ace in the hole!

3. The player puts up a monster serve that speeds past the receiving player, untouched. And with that ace, the player wins the match.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Golf
3. Tennis
4. Volleyball
5. Other Racket Games

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