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Approach Shot

ap*proach shot

What Is The Definition Of Approach Shot?

What Is An Approach Shot In Golf?

1. An approach shot in golf refers to when a ball is struck, usually on the fairway, and is intended to land on the green.

What Is An Approach Shot In Tennis?

2. This occurs in tennis when the offensive player usually hits the ball deep into their opponent’s court as a set-up shot, then offensive player quickly runs up to the net for the volley.

Examples Of How Approach Shot Is Used In Commentary


1. Woods takes a powerful swing off the tee and sends the approach shot sailing that lands just short off the green.


2. Sanders returns the ball with a hard backhand to the back corner of his opponent’s court, then quickly approaches the net and uses an approach shot with some top spin to get the ball to die close to the net, out of his opponent’s range.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Golf
2. Tennis

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