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Back-In, Full-Out

back in full out

What Is The Definition Of Back-In, Full-Out In Gymnastics?

1. Back-in, full-out describes the way that a double back salto can be performed in gymnastics. The term consists of two parts, each of which describe a feature of the skill:

Different variations of a back-in, full-out can be achieved in the position the gymnast takes during the salto and flip. This can include a tucked, piked, or layout position.

When Is A Back-In, Full-Out Performed In Gymnastics?

A back-in, full-out is a common element in a floor exercise routine. It may be performed on its own or, especially in higher levels of competition, incorporated into a longer series of saltos performed diagonally across the floor.

This type of skill is sometimes used as a dismount during other events, such as vault, uneven bars, and balance beam.

What Is The Difference Between Full-In And Full-Out In Gymnastics?

A full-in skill involves a full twist during the first salto, while a full-out involves a complete twist during the final salto.

Another way to think of this is that a full-in means the twist occurs while “going into” the skill, while a full-out means the twist occurs on the “way out” of a skill.

There’s also a term for when the full twist is split between the two saltos: half-in-half-out. Essentially, this means the gymnast completes half of the twist during the first salto and half during the second salto.

Example Of How Back-In, Full-Out Is Used In Commentary

1. Nina Derwael of Belgium absolutely nails her back-in, full out during her dismount from the uneven bars, which should help her clinch one of the top spots for this event.

Sport The Term Is Used In

1. Gymnastics

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