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Back Of The House

back of the house

What Is The Definition Of Back Of The House In Curling?

1. The back of the house is located at the end of the sheet near the endline. The back of the house consists of the endline and everything out of play.

What Is The Back Half In Curling?

Beyond the tee line lies the back half, which makes up the part of the house between the tee line and the endline right before the back of the house. The back button, back 4 foot, back 8 foot, and back 12 foot are all in the back half. Any throw that may seem closer to the backline than the tee line could be referred to as in the back of the house.

Example Of How Back Of House Is Used In Commentary

1. Thomas Løvold’s third throw slides to a halt as a biter in the back of the house.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Curling

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