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What Is The Definition Of Bonspiel In Curling?

1. A bonspiel is a tournament for curling clubs. Ten ends, or matches of eight stone throws, compose a bonspiel. The Scots first used the term bonspiel in 1772.

Why Is It Called A Bonspiel?

The term “bonspiel” comes from the Dutch words “bond,” meaning league, and “spel,” meaning game. Together, bonspiel refers to a league game or tournament.

How Long Is A Bonspiel?

A bonspiel can last up to three hours. The total time depends upon how much of the planning time allotment (38 minutes) each team uses.

Example Of How Bonspiel Is Used In Commentary

1. “Maxwell just started curling in October 2018 and the Fairbanks International Bonspiel is her first bonspiel.”

— Danny Martin, The Seattle Times, 13 Apr. 2019

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Curling

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