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break*a*wayWhat Is A Breakaway In Cycling? Definition & Meaning On SportsLingo

What Is The Definition Of Breakaway In Cycling?

1. A breakaway is a rider or group of riders that have escaped the main pack. Riders in a breakaway are temporarily in the lead. A successful attack or series of attacks can result in a breakaway.

What Is The Point Of The Breakaway In Cycling?

Cyclists may gain an advantage of several minutes or more from a breakaway. However, most breakaways eventually fail. Nevertheless, successful or not, breakaways add excitement to a race for fans and riders alike.

How Does The Peloton Catch The Breakaway?

The reason the peloton can easily catch a breakaway comes down to the physics of wind resistance. 

Riders traveling at high speeds in a large group can move faster while exerting less energy. However, a single rider or small group at the front does not have this same advantage. 

In the peloton, only the front riders get the full brunt of the wind. Teammates take turns at the front to conserve energy.

Why Does The Peloton Allow A Breakaway?

Typically, the peloton will choose to allow a breakaway if it consists of the right combination of riders. Other reasons may include weather or terrain concerns or tired peloton riders. 

Does The Breakaway Ever Win?

On average, a breakaway’s chance of victory is just 2.5%. However, for many riders, the publicity payoff of succeeding in a breakaway outweighs the energy cost. 

Example Of How Breakaway Is Used In Commentary

1. Albert Bourlon’s record of 253 km has been the record for the longest solo breakaway since 1947.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Cycling

Also See:

1. Breakaway Specialist

Abbreviated As: 

1. Break

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