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What Is The Definition Of A Bullpen In Baseball?

1. This is the area where a pitcher and a batter will warm up before a game. This area tends to be off the field, either behind the wall along the first baseline, the third baseline or somewhere behind the outfield wall. On some fields, the bullpen may be located in foul territory along the first base and third baselines.

The bullpen is also where the relief pitchers will stay during a game so that when they are called upon, they can quickly warm up and be ready to enter the game.

What Does It Mean To Throw A Bullpen?

To throw a bullpen means for a pitcher to throw in the bullpen, in a simulated game manner, such as off of the mound. Some bullpen sessions may last longer than others, but the intent is to keep the pitcher sharp and their arms loose. It’s in the bullpen that the pitcher is able to fine-tune their mechanics and practice their different pitches while throwing off a mound and away from any distractions that would be on a field.

What Is A Bullpen Day?

A bullpen day, sometimes called a bullpen game, refers to a game in which a team chooses to start their relief pitcher instead of the normal starting pitcher.

In most bullpen games, the relief pitcher pitches for the first two to three innings. Then, the normal starting pitcher is brought in to pitch the remainder of the game. In some instances, teams will even have several relievers pitch for an inning or two before closing out the game with their normal starter.

This strategy keeps the opposing team’s batters from getting comfortable with one pitcher. It also allows the team to avoid running their starter down in the earlier innings of the game and having to close out with a relief pitcher.

Why Is It Called A Bullpen In Baseball?

The origin of the term “bullpen” is unclear. The first official use of the term in baseball is thought to be a 1915 article in Baseball Magazine, although that article doesn’t explain why the relief pitcher’s area was called that.

One commonly cited idea is that the same area now typically reserved for relief pitchers to warm up was originally designated for fans. Cheaper tickets were available for this area, but fans had to stand in the roped-off section, similar to cattle in a field.

Some think that this standing area for fans was called the bullpen because it was often located near a Bull Durham Tobacco advertisement, which many baseball fields at the time had. As the area was transitioned to a place for pitchers to warm up, the same term was applied even after the Bull Durham ads were no longer present.

Others believe the term has origins in comparing pitchers to bulls themselves. Some saw the pen as holding the pitchers before being sent off to the slaughter, while others saw it more as a bucking bull about to be released from its pen in a rodeo.

Examples Of How Bullpen Is Used In Commentary

1. With one out and a runner on second base, there seems to be some activity in the bullpen. Baker wants to make sure he has a pitcher ready in case this inning takes a turn for the worse.

2. Baker signals to his bullpen and calls in the right-hander to face the lefty, Hamilton.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

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