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Burned Stone

burned stone

What Is The Definition Of Burned Stone In Curling?

1. A burned stone is one that has been touched by a teammate or team’s equipment before it crosses the hog-line. This is not allowed in curling.

What Happens If You Hit A Stone In Curling?

If a stone is touched before the hog-line, the stone is allowed to come to rest. Then, the opposing team has three options: 

  1. Remove the touched stone and replace all stones that were impacted by the burned stone.
  2. Leave all stones where they came to rest.
  3. Place the stones in their projected positions based on if the burned stone had not been touched.

Who Gets To Choose What To Do With A Burned Stone?

The opposing team, usually the skip, gets to choose what to do with a burned stone. 

However, good sportsmanship is highly valued in curling. Removing the stones is not common practice and may be seen as poor sportsmanship.

Example Of How Burned Stone Is Used In Commentary

1. Rachel Homan opts to remove the burned stone from play and replace any impacted stones.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Curling

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