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Center Fielder

cen*ter field*er

What Is The Definition Of Center-Fielder In Baseball?

1. The center fielder is the outfielder who defends the area in center field.

During scorekeeping, this defensive position is represented by the number eight.

Center fielders need the best combination of speed and arm strength, as they are generally the team’s best all-around outfielder. Considered captains of the outfield, center-fielders cover more ground than any other positions and can call off other outfielders if they feel they have a better chance of catching a ball or making a play. On steal attempts or pick-off attempts to second base, the center fielder is responsible for backing up the play in case the ball gets overthrown in order to prevent runners from advancing.

Examples Of Center-Fielder In Commentary

1. Angels center fielder Mike Trout has impressed the league since his debut in 2011. Awarded 8 MLB All-Star, 3 All League MVP, and 7 Silver Slugger award, Trout’s skill is praised and is universally known as one of the top players in the league.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Baseball

Abbreviated As:

1. CF

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