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Clock Management

clock man*age*ment

What Is The Definition Of Clock Management In Football?

1. Clock management is a term used to describe when a team tries to control the pace of the game, usually at the end of the game, in order to accomplish a desired goal.

Teams must not only monitor the individual play clock, but also the game clock. In football, this typically occurs with less than tw0-minutes remaining in the game. If a team is holding onto a marginal lead late in the game, a team may try to control the clock by running the ball and keeping the ball inbounds. If the team were to run the ball out of bounds, then that would stop the clock, leaving their opponent with more time. However, by keeping the ball inbounds, the defense would then have to use up all of their timeouts in order to stop the clock.

If the team is losing by a small margin late in the game, then they would try to control the clock by making sure to get out of bounds when necessary in order to leave more time on the clock in order to make a comeback.

Example Of How Clock Management Is Used In Commentary

1. With the game under two-minutes, the Falcons will need to be focused on clock management if they’re going to make any kind of comeback.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

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