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What Is The Definition Of Crossbar In Hockey?

1. On a hockey goal, this is the bar that spans across the top, which is being held up by a post on each end. Oftentimes, players will just miss out on a goal, as they’ll hit the crossbar, sending the puck flying away from the net. However, if the puck hits the crossbar and flies down and into the net, then it is a legal goal. In addition, if the puck hits the crossbar and a player bats the puck out of the air and into the net, it is a legal goal as long as the player does not raise their stick higher than the crossbar. However, if the puck hits the crossbar and deflects off an official and then immediately enters the net, then it is not a goal.

Commentators are known for getting animated when a puck hits off the crossbar, often using the phrase, “it hit the crossbar!”.

The crossbar is 72 inches long and sits 48 inches off of the ice.

Example Of How Crossbar Is Used In Commentary

1. Gretzky slaps the puck from the blue line, but it hits the crossbar and goes flying into the stands.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Hockey

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