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What Is The Definition Of Curl In Curling?

1. The degree of a stone’s bend is considered its curl. The thrower’s spin determines the degree to which the stone curls.

How Do You Curl A Stone In Curling?

To curl a stone, the thrower gently spins it while pushing the stone down the ice toward the house

After the stone is released, two players from the throwing team sweep the ice in front of the stone. The swept ice has less friction and lessens the curve of the stone’s trajectory.

Why Does A Curling Stone Curl?

Stones curl because of physics. The stones’ bottoms are concave, so the stones move along their running line, which minimizes the surface area in contact with the ice and, therefore, friction.

Similarly, the ice sheets have a pebbled surface, which also helps reduce contact and friction. As the ice is swept, the ice melts, creating a thin layer of water and further reducing friction. 

As the thrower releases the stone, it rotates along its running line, creating a slightly curved trajectory. As more ice is swept, the stone glides forward more and rotates less, thus straightening the stone’s trajectory.

Why Is It Called Curling?

The sport of curling gets its name from the stone’s aforementioned curved path. 

At the end of the throw, after the team stops sweeping, the stone will curve more as it slows down until it rests in its final position. That end curl is where curling gets its name.

Example Of How Curl Is Used In Commentary

1. Kaitlyn Lawes releases the stone as teammate John Morris holds his breath; the stone curls perfectly into the house.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Curling

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