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Defensive Tackle (DT)

de*fen*sive tack*le

What Is The Definition Of Defensive Tackle In Football?

1. A defensive tackle in football is a defensive lineman who, for most plays, lines up across from the offensive guards along the line of scrimmage.The responsibility of the defensive tackle will change depending on the play and the defensive scheme of the team. However, their responsibilities may include holding the defensive point of attack, stopping the run, providing coverage, knocking down a pass or pressuring the quarterback.

Defensive tackles tend to be one of the strongest and largest players on the team, often weighing over 300 pounds.

Examples Of How Defensive Tackle Is Used In Commentary

1. The defensive tackles do a great job of plugging up the line, forcing him to the outside where he is met by the outside linebackers.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Seen As:

1. Defensive Guard

Abbreviated As:

1. DT

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