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drag flick

What Is The Definition Of Drag Flick In Field Hockey?

1. The drag flick is a type of attack in field hockey that utilizes the whole body to sling the ball forward at high speeds. Many teams employ the talents of drag flick specialists due to the advantage they bring in competition.

Drag flicks most often occur off of penalty corner (also known as short corner) plays. During penalty corners, an athlete passes the ball into play at the top of the circle where a teammate stops the ball with their stick, and then a player will often use a drag flick to shoot on goal.

How Do You Drag Flick In Field Hockey?

An athlete uses the whole body when executing a drag flick. Coordination is imperative as arriving at the ball too early could result in a turnover or a poor shot. 

First, the player needs to reach the ball at the correct time. The athlete takes a few precise steps toward the ball while their teammate stops it.

Then, the player completes a crossover step with their dominant foot either in front or behind their non-dominant foot, in whichever way feels most natural, while making contact with the ball via their stick. The crossover step allows their weight, chest, and hips to stay close to their back foot while preparing for the next step.

Next, the drag motion starts. While keeping their upper body low and close to the ball, the athlete takes a large step with their non-dominant foot and opens their hips toward the goal. The upper body will naturally start rotating forward, slinging the ball along with it.

Finally, the player finishes the motion by staying low with the stick close to the ground. This is necessary so that the player does not lose any momentum in the last moments as they bring the stick past their body. As the player follows through, the back leg will float behind the front leg through the cross-body momentum created in the shot.

Can You Drag Flick A Ball While It’s Moving?

The ball needs to be close to still when the athlete makes contact to ensure the success of the drag flick. Poor contact with the ball increases the risk of making an error in the shot.

Example Of How Drag Flick Is Used In Commentary

1. Aki Kaeppler slings home the goal with his perfect drag strike.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Field Hockey

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