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Dropped Third Strike

dropped third strike

What Is The Definition Of Dropped Third Strike In Baseball?

1. This refers to when the catcher drops a third strike onto the dirt, whether it was a called strike or if the batter swings and misses on a pitch. The pitcher is still credited with a strikeout, but if first base is not already occupied by a baserunner, the batter may then try to run to first. However, the umpire must verbally call out loud that the ball was dropped before the batter is to attempt the advance. If it is clearly a dropped third strike, the catcher must throw the ball to first baseman before the batter reaches in order to complete the out. If the baserunner reaches the bag first, then they are safe and can remain on base.

Examples Of How Dropped Third Strike Is Used In Commentary

1. Lofton swings and misses on the breaking ball for strike three, but advances to first as the catcher can’t control the ball and it reaches the backstop. Lofton reaches bases safely on a dropped third strike and now the tying run is aboard.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

Also Known As:

1. Uncaught Third Strike

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