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Dump Tackle

dump tac*kle

What Is The Definition Of Dump Tackle In Rugby?

1. The dump tackle is a type of tackle in which the tackler lifts the player with the ball into the air and then drives them into the ground. They do so by wrapping their arm around the player’s thighs.

Is The Dump Tackle Illegal?

The dump tackle is illegal when the tackle results in the tackled player falling with their head or neck below their legs. In the Rugby Union, it is more specifically illegal for the tackled player to make contact with their ground via their head or neck first. In the Rugby League, a player being tackled cannot be lifted above a horizontal position. 

How Do You Safely Perform A Dump Tackle?

The key to a legal and safe dump tackle involves driving the player being tackled forward rather than upward. As the player is getting tackled to the ground it is important that the player tackling them continues to hold them inches from the ground and rather than dropping them, then falls with the player so they both land on their side.

Example Of How Dump Tackle Is Used In Commentary

1. In a matchup against Canada, Welsh forward Alun Wyn Jones showcased his ability to make a clean and effective dump tackle.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rugby

Also Seen As:

1. Dumping

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