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What Is The Definition Of Eight-Ball In Billiards?

1. Eight-ball is a type of pool game played on a billiards table with six pockets, cue sticks, and 15 target balls. Eight-ball is the second most popular variation of pool played by professionals.

The goal of eight-ball is for a player to legally pocket the 8-ball in the called pocket after all of their target balls have been made. To begin the game, all target balls are set in a triangle-shaped rack at the bottom end of the table with the 8-ball in the center. A player uses the cue ball to break the balls to start the game. Once either player legally makes a ball, each player is assigned the striped or solid set of balls. Players take turns shooting until a foul or fail to make the 8-ball occurs. After a player makes all of their target balls, they are allowed to shoot the 8-ball.

To legally make the 8-ball, the shooting player must state which pocket the ball will go into and follow through to get the ball in the called pocket. The shooting player loses the game if the ball is shot into a different pocket, a foul occurs while shooting, or the ball is knocked off the table. If the shot is unsuccessful and no rules are broken, it is the opposing player’s turn. Due to the strict rules for a player to win the game, a player can win after their opponent takes one shot. 

These rules, known as the American-style eight-ball rules, are used around the world by professionals and amateurs. The World Pool-Billiard Association and the American Poolplayers Association each have their own variations of the game, so official rules may vary in matches. 

Example Of How Eight-Ball Is Used In Commentary

1. A long-awaited eight-ball matchup between Efren Reyes and Jayson Shaw, two very competitive and accomplished players throughout the world. 

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Billiards

Also Known As

1. Solids and stripes

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