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el*bow*ingWhat Is Elbowing In Ice Hockey? Definition & Meaning On SportsLingo

What Is The Definition Of Elbowing In Ice Hockey?

1. Elbowing is an action that takes place when a player extends their elbow to create space or hit or check an opponent.

What Is The Penalty For Elbowing In Ice Hockey?

An ice hockey player will receive a minor penalty if they elbow to separate from an opposing player without meaning to cause harm. If a player elbows recklessly, puts an opponent in a harmful situation, or causes injury, a major or game misconduct penalty will be given.  

Example Of How Elbowing Is Used In Commentary

1. Jared McMann was awarded with a league-maximum $10,000 fine after dangerously elbowing during an early 2021 match with the Philadelphia Flyers.  

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Ice Hockey

Abbreviated As:

1. ELB

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