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Ghost Ball

ghost ball

What Is The Definition Of Ghost Ball In Billiards?

1. A ghost ball is an aiming technique players use to line up the cue ball and the target ball to make a shot. Players visualize a ghost ball perfectly lined up with the target ball and the center of the pocket. This technique differs from others because the player is not aiming for the contact point on the target ball, but for the center of the ghost ball. Aiming at the center of the ghost ball is key because no matter what direction the player is shooting from, that contact point will always be the same.

This method may be difficult for players if they are not able to visualize the ghost ball correctly. The dimensions of the ball are important because the contact point will be incorrect if a player imagines the ball too small or too large. 

If aiming at the contact point of the ghost ball is too difficult, players can extend the line from the contact point of the ghost ball to the target ball. Aiming for this point on the object ball will produce the same results as if the player was aiming for the ghost ball and is easier than aiming for an object that is not there.

Example Of How Ghost Ball Is Used In Commentary

1. Jasmin Ouschan appears to be lining up her shot with a ghost ball. Coming from the deep left pocket, it is critical to line up the cue ball in this manner to ensure she makes the shot.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Billiards

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