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Golden Sombrero

gold*en som*bre*roWhat Is A Golden Sombrero In Baseball? Definition & Meaning | SportsLingo

What Is The Definition Of Golden Sombrero In Baseball?

1. A golden sombrero is an unfortunate occurrence of a batter striking out four times in a baseball game. The player is then said to wear the golden sombrero. 

Why Is It Called The Golden Sombrero?

The term golden sombrero is derived from ice hockey’s hat trick, which is when a player scores three goals in a single game. Since four is larger than three, a four-strikeout performance is said to require a grander hat, or a golden sombrero.

Where Did The Term “Golden Sombrero” Come From?

The term “golden sombrero” was coined by Carmelo Martinez of the San Diego Padres in the 1980s. 

What Are Five Strikeouts In A Game Called?

While four strikeouts is a golden sombrero, five strikeouts is called a platinum sombrero or Olympic Rings. 

What Are Six Strikeouts Called?

Six strikeouts have a few names including titanium sombrero and double platinum sombrero. Alternatively, six strikeouts can be called a horn, a term coined by Mike Flanagan after his Baltimore Orioles teammate Sam Horn accomplished it in 1991. 

Example Of How Golden Sombrero Is Used In Commentary

1. Despite an impressive career, former Philadelphia Phillies player Ryan Howard is the all-time golden sombrero record holder with 27 four-strikeout games.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Baseball

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