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Hairpin Turn

hair*pin turn

What Is The Definition Of Hairpin Turn In Motorsport and Car Racing?

1. A hairpin turn is a bend in a road or racetrack that requires drivers to make a tight turn of about 180 degrees. The name derives from the resemblance of the turn to the curved tip of a hairpin or bobby pin. In motorsport and car racing, hairpin turns are often incorporated to create a greater challenge for drivers. These turns generally require drivers to slow down considerably.

Some of the famous hairpin turns in motorsports include:

Examples Of How Hairpin Turn Is Used In Commentary

1. Busch is barreling down the straightaway as he approaches turn 11; he’ll need to drop his speed in order to keep control as he navigates this hairpin turn.

Sports The Term Is Used:

1. Motorsports & Car Racing

Also Known As:

1. Switchback

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