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House Rules

house rules

What Is The Definition Of House Rules In Billiards?

1. In billiards, the rules of the game may vary depending on the area and/or venue the game is being played in; this is called house rules. House rules are informal and are separate from the official rules of the game set by the World Pool-Billiards Association.

Games played at an individual’s home or a venue like a bar may have set rules in place that do not exist for professional or amateur players. House rules should be posted or discussed to avoid any conflict. An example of a house rule could be no drinks on the table or any foul resulting in ball in hand anywhere on the table. 

Example Of How House Rules Is Used In Commentary

1. Professional instructor Tony Robles wins the tournament despite his aversion to the house rules of call shot and call safety.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Billiards

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