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Icing The Kicker

i*cing the kick*er

What Is The Definition Of Icing The Kicker In Football?

1. This refers to when the defensive team in football calls a timeout before the ball is snapped to the kicker, who is about to attempt a field goal. By calling a timeout before the ball is snapped, the defense hopes that the kicker’s nerves will get the best of them, causing them to miss the field goal. A team is limited to calling only one-timeout on any given play, so they are not able to call timeouts in succession in order to delay the play even longer.

This tactic tends to be used at the end of the game, when a field goal can win the game.

Examples Of How Icing The Kicker Is Used In Commentary

1. The Dolphins will attempt to ice the kicker and preserve the win by using their final timeout with five seconds remaining in the game.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Seen As:

1. Ice the kicker

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