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no hit*terWhat Is A No-Hitter In Baseball? Definition & Meaning On SportsLingo

What Is The Definition Of No-Hitter In Baseball?

1. This is when a pitcher does not allow a single hit by the opposing team that has batted in at least nine innings.

Usually a no-hitter is thrown by a single pitcher who pitches the complete game, but a no-hitter can also occur when a collection of pitchers contribute in a game of at least nine innings.

Can A Pitcher Throw A No-Hitter And Still Lose The Game?

As the name implies, no-hitters take place when there are no hits.

It is still possible for an opponent to get on base if he/she is hit by a pitch, walked, or if there is a team error. If enough players get on base as a result of these situations, they can potentially score runs without actually hitting the ball. While it is rare, pitchers in MLB history have thrown no-hitters and still lost the game due to these reasons. 

How Rare Is A No-Hitter In Baseball? 

No-hitters are very rare in baseball.

In the MLB’s modern era, the number of no-hitters can range anywhere between two to seven per season. No-hitters follow pitching trends and are more common when pitchers show stronger pitching tactics against batters. 

What Is The Difference Between A No-Hitter And A Perfect Game?

In baseball, a no-hitter happens when the pitcher does not give up any hits during the game. The pitcher may still give up a walk or put a player on base due to a pitching or fielding error. A perfect game happens when no opposing players hit the ball or get on base at all. A perfect game is even more rare than a no-hitter.

Examples Of How No-Hitter Is Used In Commentary

1. And with that final strikeout in the ninth, the pitcher has just thrown the first no-hitter of his career. He finishes the night with nine innings pitched, no hits and 10 strikeouts.

Also Known As:

1. Perfect game
2. No-hit game

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

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