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3-4 Defense

3 4 de*fense

What Is The Definition Of A 3-4 Defense In Football?

1. The 3-4 defense is the name for a defensive formation in football. When there are three defensive lineman lined up along the line of scrimmage and four linebackers standing, then this is referred to as the 3-4 defense. Along the defensive line, the players are usually two defensive ends and one nose tackle who’s main job is to engage the opponent’s offensive line. This allows the four linebacker’s to either rush the quarterback or to prevent the pass by dropping back into coverage.

The 3-4 defense’s advantage is that it gives defensive coordinators almost limitless options, since it can confuse offenses to think it’s either blitzing, dropping into coverage or other defensive options.

Examples Of How 3-4 Defense Is Used In Commentary

1. Playing on the outside, linebacker Clay Matthews has flourished under the 3-4 defense. With his size, he’s been great against the run and with his speed, he’s been able to drop back into coverage and play well against the pass.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Know As:

1. Thirty-four defense
2. 34 defense

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