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Definition Of Bobsled Pilot

1. The pilot is the member of a bobsled crew, and there is a pilot in both a two-man and four-man bobsled team. The pilot is responsible for guiding and steering the bobsled down the track while it is moving at maximum speed. They must have quick reflexes and

For a two-man team at the start of a race, the pilot goes in over the side of the sled and moves to the front, while the brakeman still pushes for a few more cycles before jumping into the back of the bobsled. The pilot is also the first man in the sled for a four-man team.

Examples Of Bobsled Pilot

1. The pilot is doing a great job of taking all the turns with ease, but his biggest challenge will be in the upcoming labyrinth.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Bobsled

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