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What Is The Definition Of A Pick Six In Football?

1. This term is used when a quarterback throws an interception and the defensive player returns it for a touchdown, resulting in six points.

Since “pick” is another word for interception and the outcome of a touchdown is six points, the term “pick six” was formed.

Why Do They Call It A Pick Six?

When a defensive player intercepts a pass, it’s also referred to as a “pick”, in reference to “picking off the forward pass.” When that interception, or pick, is returned all the way for a touchdown, the team is then awarded six points.

Many people think that a touchdown is worth seven points, however, this is incorrect. A touchdown is only worth six points, where then the team must attempt the extra-point kick in order to gain seven total points. Therefore, this is the reasoning behind why an interception returned for a touchdown is called a pick six.

How Many Points Is A Pick Six Worth?

A pick six is worth six points as the interception is returned for a touchdown, and a touchdown is worth six points. As with any touchdown, the team that intercepts the ball and scores then has the opportunity to score an extra point with a kick.

What Is The Difference Between A Pick Six And An Interception?

A pick six is an interception that the intercepting player returns for a touchdown. All pick sixes are interceptions, but not all interceptions are returned for touchdowns, which a pick six necessitates.

Who Has Scored The Most Pick Sixes All Time?

The player who’s had the most pick sixes in history is Rod Woodson, who returned 12 interceptions for touchdowns from 1987-2003.

Who Has Thrown The Most Pick Sixes All Time?

As of 2021, Brett Favre has thrown the most pick sixes in history with 31 over his 20 seasons in pro football.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Pick Six

There aren’t many other plays in football that can change the momentum of a game more than an interception returned for a touchdown. In order for a team to record a pick six, a lot of things have to fall into place. It all starts with the defensive back coming up with the interception, but just as important, is the blocking in front of the player by their teammates to help clear a path to the end zone.

Many times, a defensive back will simply run out of bounds or fall to the ground after an interception to ensure that his team retains possession and so that he does not turn over the ball. However, if a player intercepts the ball on their opponent’s side of the field, then the player may try to run it back for a touchdown due to their proximity to the end zone.

Examples Of How Pick Six Is Used In Commentary

1. The cornerback takes the interception down the sideline for a 65-yard pick six.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Seen As:

1. Pick 6

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