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Pike Position

pike po*si*tion

What Is The Definition Of Pike Position In Gymnastics?

1. A pike is a type of position in which the gymnast keeps their legs straight and bends forward at the waist.

When Is The Pike Position Used In Gymnastics?

The pike position is used in most events in gymnastics. It is most commonly featured in saltos and jumps. For example, a gymnast might include pike saltos in their floor exercise routine or do a pike jump on the balance beam.

In events on bars, including uneven bars, horizontal bar, and parallel bars, the pike position is used while doing a kip. The pike position is often used in flipping vaults as well.

How Do You Do A Pike In Gymnastics?

To do a pike, keep your legs together with knees straight and toes pointed. Bend at the hips to bring your torso toward your legs. Your body should be bent at more than a 90-degree angle.

What Are The Different Types Of Pikes?

Gymnasts can do a front pike or a back pike depending on which direction their body is rotating in.

There are also variations including single or multiple pikes:

Why Is It Called Pike Position?

It is thought that this gymnastics term comes from the tapered shape of the body while in the pike position. This derives from a traditional usage of the word pike which refers to a sharp point.

Example Of How Pike Position Is Used In Commentary

1. In this floor routine, Chellsie Memmel starts off strong with a double pike in her first tumbling pass.

Sport The Term Is Used In

1. Gymnastics

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