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Quad Scull

quad scull

What Is The Definition Of Quad Scull In Rowing?

1. A quad scull is a type of sculling boat in which there are four rowers total in the boat. Typically, these boats do not have a coxswain, although they can.

How Long Is A Quad Scull?

A quad scull on average is 44 feet long. These boats are longer than a double scull but shorter than an octuple scull.

How Much Does A Quad Scull Typically Weigh?

The minimum weight of a quad scull is 112 pounds. If a quad scull does not meet that minimum weight then dead weight (such as a sandbag) must be added to the boat. Failure to meet the minimum weight requirement can result in exclusion from the event.

Is A Quad Scull Also A Four?

While a quad scull is rowed with four rowers, the term “four” is more commonly used to describe a sweep rowing boat rather than a quad scull. However, most boats can be rigged as either a quad scull or a four.

Example Of How Octuple Scull Is Used In Commentary

1. At the 2021 Head of the Charles, the men’s youth coxed quad scull from Maritime Rowing Club came in first place.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rowing

Abbreviated As:

1. 4x

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