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What Is The Definition Of Ruck In Rugby?

1. A ruck is a formation created by contact between opposing team players on their feet as they fight to gain possession of the ball that is on the ground. A ruck occurs after an offensive player with the ball has been tackled and the ball is now on the ground.

Why Does A Ruck Happen?

A player who has been tacked to the ground is only allowed to make one movement before they must let go of the ball. Therefore, a loose ball is in play and both teams are trying to gain possession of it. 

How Many Players Are Involved In A Ruck?

For it to be considered a ruck, there must be at least one player from each team involved. The amount of players from each team that get into the ruck depends on the size of the player who was tackled. 

How Can A Player Enter A Ruck?

The maximum width that the ruck can be is the width of the tackled player on the ground. For another player to join the ruck they must join alongside their teammate who is already in the ruck, and not in front of them. When they join the ruck, they must also make sure that their team’s newly lengthened ruck line does not exceed the width of the player on the ground. 

What Does The Goal Line Have To Do With A Ruck?

Players may not join a ruck from the opposing team’s side or at an angle to their team’s side of the ruck. Ruck lines formed by teams must be parallel to the goal line, which why players must position themselves alongside their teammates when they join a ruck .

What Happens In A Ruck?

Once a referee has called that it is indeed a ruck, no players are allowed to touch the ball with their hands. Players may use their feet to try to either play the ball or attempt to push the opposing team’s side of the ruck away from the ball. The player on the ground who was initially tackled cannot play the ball.

How Does A Ruck End?

A ruck ends when the referee feels the ball has been clearly won by one team over the other. That referee will then call “use it” and the team has five seconds to move the ball away from the ruck.

The other way a ruck ends is if the referee feels neither team will win the ball in a reasonable amount of time. In this case, a scrum will be awarded because the ball was deemed unplayable.

Example Of How Ruck Is Used In Commentary

1. Scotland’s Matt Fagerson tried to earn possession of the ball for his team by joining into the ruck. 

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rugby

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