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Stoppage Time

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What Is The Definition Of Stoppage Time In Soccer?

This is the extra time added to the end of each half of a soccer game due to delays from goals, fouls, substitutions and injuries. Typically, this extra time falls between one and six minutes. The number of minutes added to the end of each half is determined by the referee. The end of stoppage time is signaled by the main referee blowing his or her whistle. The purpose of this rule is to stop a team from protecting a lead by running down the clock. It is typically only used for professional matches.

Examples Of How Stoppage Time Is Used In Commentary

1. Germany surprised Italy by scoring two goals in stoppage time to take the lead before halftime.

2. The referee likely allotted five minutes of stoppage time due to the long delay caused by Kline’s injury.

Sports The Term is Used

1. Soccer

Also Known As:

1. Injury time
2. Added time

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