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Three-Point Field Goal

three point field goal

What Is The Definition Of A Three-Point Field Goal In Basketball?

1. A three-point field goal is a shot that is made from beyond the three-point line or arc. A three-point field goal is worth three points and should not be confused with a regular field goal which is worth only two points.

A three-point field goal should not also be confused with a three-point play, as this occurs when a player is fouled in the act of shooting, makes the basket and then makes their one free throw attempt. If a jump shooter is fouled during the act of shooting a three pointer, they will be given one free throw attempt and has the chance to then make it a four-point play.

Examples Of How Three-Point Field Goal Is Used In Commentary

1. The forward hits the three in transition and puts his team up by three.

2. The point guard dishes to the shooting guard beyond arc who then nails the three pointer.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Three-Point Field Goal

The three-point field goal was first introduced during a collegiate game in 1945, between Columbia and Fordham. However, the three-point field goal was not adopted by the NCAA until the 1980-1981 season, but only select conferences chose to use the line. With the distance of the line varying between conferences, the NCAA finally adopted a universal distance for the three-point field goal in men’s basketball to be at 19 feet 9 inches (today it’s at 20 feet 9 inches). The three-point field goal was then used in the NCAA men’s tournament for the first time in 1987. It was also during the 1986-1987 season that the NCAA women began acknowledging the three-point field goal.

The NBA adopted the three-point field goal in the 1979-1980 season, however the ABA adopted the three-point field goal in 1961.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

Abbreviated As:

1. 3PT

Also Seen As:

1. Three
2. Three Pointer
3. Trey
4. 3-Pointer
5. Trifecta

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