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Vanishing Spray

van*ish*ing spray

What Is The Definition Of Vanishing Spray In Soccer?

1. This is a form of spray substance that is in an aerosol scan and is applied to the field to be used as a visual marker. Only the referees carry the cans of vanishing spray and use the spray to mark the minimum distance where the opposing team can stand when there is a free kick. They also mark the spot on the field where the free kick can be taken.

The spray marking lasts about a minute before it disappears and is applied usually only during free kicks.

Examples Of How Vanishing Spray Is Used In Commentary

1. The Galaxy are awarded a free kick after a foul was committed outside the penalty area. The referee will mark the spot where the ball is to be placed with the vanishing spray, then will pace off 10 yards and use the vanishing spray again to mark off where the defense can stand.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Soccer

Also Known As:

1. Vanishing Foam

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