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What Is The Definition Of Vault In Gymnastics?

1. Vault is one of the main events in gymnastics competitions for both men and women. Gymnasts sprint down a runway before launching off of a springboard toward the vault table, which is about four feet tall. As they push off the vault table, they perform aerial maneuvers before landing on a mat on the opposite side from the runway.

Judging for this event is based on a number of factors, especially the difficulty of the maneuvers and whether the gymnast was able to “stick” the landing without taking extra steps.

2. The apparatus which gymnasts push off of for the vault event is often referred to as a vault or vault table.

What Does The Vault Look Like in Gymnastics?

The vault apparatus is a table-like form that is positioned between a runway and a landing mat. The vault’s surface measures about 3.9 feet x 3 feet. The height of the table is slightly higher for men’s vault events (4.43 feet) compared to women’s vault events (4.10 feet).

History of the Vault in Gymnastics

The first vault table used in gymnastics was designed like a pommel horse without handles. Originally, the horse was set up perpendicular to the runway for women’s events, and parallel to the runway for men’s events. The configuration was later changed to be perpendicular for both men’s and women’s gymnastics.

In 2001, the pommel horse-like apparatus was replaced with a vaulting table designed specifically for the vault event. The updated design features a larger, flatter top surface with more cushioning. There is also a slight slope downward on the springboard side of the table. The 2001 vault table redesign has helped to reduce injuries for this event.

Example Of How Vault Is Used In Commentary

1. Jordan Chiles pulled off a challenging series of saltos and twists for the vault, but her uneven landing is likely to drag down her score.

2. As Yang Hak-Seon pushed off the vault, it was clear that his hand slipped a bit and affected his first salto, which contributed to a slightly lower score.

Sport The Term Is Used In

1. Gymnastics

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