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wick*et keep*er

What Is The Definition Of Wicket-Keeper In Cricket?

1. A position on the fielding side in which a player stands immediately behind the stumps being guarded by the current batsman. The player’s goal is to stop deliveries that pass the batsman or dismiss the batsman when appropriate. Most wicket-keepers squat as the ball is being bowled, then stand up partially as the ball is received.  This is a specialist position, and the wicket-keeper is the only one of the fielding side permitted to wear external leg guards and gloves. Some also wear a helmet with a mesh face guard.

Examples Of How Wicket-Keeper Is Used In Commentary

1. The team is using fast bowling, so their wicket-keeper is squatting farther back from the stumps to receive the ball.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Cricket

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