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Yards From Scrimmage

yards from scrim*mage

What Is The Definition Of Yards From Scrimmage In Football?

1. This refers to a statistic that is the total amount of yards gained by the offensive team as they move the ball forward from the line of scrimmage towards their opponent’s goal line. When counting yards from scrimmage, if a team rushes the ball, the player who carries the ball is given the yardage credit. When a team passes the ball, the player who catches the ball is given the yards from scrimmage credit.

Yards from scrimmage differs from “total offense“, as total offense gives credit for passing yards to the player passing the ball, whereas yards from scrimmage gives the credit to the receiver.

This statistic can be accumulated for a game, season or career. Penalty yards that help in the advancement of the ball towards the goal line are not counted towards the yards from scrimmage statistic.

Examples Of How Yards From Scrimmage Is Used In Commentary

1. Faulk had a career day, accounting for 300 total yards from scrimmage. He alone was responsible for 150 yards rushing and 150 yards receiving.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

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