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SportsLingo was launched in early 2011 by founder Nick Allen. An avid sports fan, Allen always found himself answering questions about sports terminology, cliches, and phrases for his friends and colleagues. Although these topics seemed to be common knowledge to him, they were not for the average person. 

As a fun side project, he decided to build a very minimal blog at the time that his friends could visit. It was initially intended to only be a few definitions on common sports terms across a couple sports, and nothing more. But over time, Allen had begun to notice that the site was gaining the attention of strangers looking up unfamiliar sports terms. Finding joy in helping others learn about the basics of sports, he and other volunteers would slowly add new terms to the site, and write a few blog posts here and there. 

Within a few years, the one-time side project would turn into one of the internet’s most popular resources to learn about sports. It has been cited by major news outlets, and has even been used as a source for a law degree thesis. Crazy, right?

Today, our crafty in-house team and dedicated freelance network creates content that reaches thousands of daily readers from all over the globe. In addition to providing definitions to common sports terms, the publication offers a variety of sports content, such as sports overview guides, shopping guides, and articles on historical topics. is the property of BrainBoost Media, and is headquartered in beautiful Washington, USA.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, feel free to drop us a note at info {at}

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Nick Allen

Founder/CEO & Editor-In-Chief

Ashley Henshaw

Lead Writer & Editor

Laura Newcomer

Features & Profiles
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