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The Orioles’ Chris Davis Is A Freakin’ Superhero

The Orioles' Chris Davis Is A Freakin' Superhero

Joy R. Absalon/USA TODAY Sports

It’s good to see that Chris Davis is using his time suspended, wisely. Or should I say heroically.

The Baltimore Orioles slugger, who’s currently suspended for 25 games, helped to lift an overturned truck off a pinned victim on Monday. Apparently Davis, along with other witnesses, pulled over on a busy highway and helped to lift the vehicle off the pinned victim and set them free.

With all the negative news surrounding professional athletes in recent weeks, it’s refreshing to hear what Davis did. I know you may be thinking that he’s just like all the other athletes since he’s suspended for supposedly taking Adderall, but at least in this case, Davis did the right thing.

He could have easily kept driving on by.

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