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Blake Griffin Describes His Experience At A Donald Sterling “White Party”

Yes, Donald Sterling had “White Parties”.

Gary A. Vasquez/USA TODAY Sports

And no, the party wasn’t only for white people and supremacists. C’mon, that would’ve been much easier to prove that he was a racist than an audio recording of him yelling racial slurs to his bi-racial, secret girlfriend/assistant/friend/crazy person.

Blake Griffin was on “Conan” Monday night where the Los Angeles Clippers star described his first encounter at Donald Sterling’s annual “White Party”. And for those of you who still think it’s a bunch of eccentric, old white men sipping red wine while discussing their plots to rid the world of all other races, it’s actually not. It’s just a harmless little party where everyone who attends has to wear white clothing, while Sterling is the only one who can dress differently… in all black.

Yes, I know. The irony. I’m laughing with you and at him as well.

Griffin describes the experience as “weird”, where Sterling held him by the hand, escorting the 6’10 power forward all around the party asking him the same question every time he met someone new. Every. Single. Time. Personally, I’d probably rolling all over the floor seeing this little stump dragging Griffin all over the room with a fake, awkward smile. Really, try picturing it for yourself.

If this wasn’t the early signs of a man who’s bat shit crazy with some hint of Alzheimer’s, then I don’t know what is.

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