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First! Yes, We’ve Started A Sports Blog. Aren’t You Just Excited!?

First!  Yes, We've Started A Sports Blog. Aren't You Just Excited!?

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I know what you’re thinking, “oh, fantastic, another sports blog. Yay.” No really, I know ’cause I’m a mind reader. Don’t close this page. Good.

Anyways, we here at SportsLingo (we meaning me), thought that if our readers are already here trying to understand and learn more sport terminologies, then why should they go somewhere else for their daily dose of sports news. Which is why we’re expanding the site to include this blog, in addition to continuing to build out the dictionary. Not only are we going to try to please our readers with fun and entertaining posts, but we’re still going to work on trying to find great sporting goods deals for you as well. I’m sure as you can tell, the site is a work in progress, but I can guarantee to you that the progress will continue and I hope I can make this into a one-stop place for everything “sports”.

I started SportsLingo as a small hobby to help friends understand slang and sayings that are common in the sports world. What turned into one page, eventually turned into hundreds and now a blog. To give you a little insight, I have a strong background writing sports and entertainment (for both major print and online publications), so I figured I’d combine that skill set with my tech background and out came this site. Okay, enough of the resume.

All-in-all, we’re not here to try to “recreate the wheel”. I’m here doing this for fun and I hope you can enjoy one or two along the way. And if not, then I hope I grow on you. I’m kidding. No I’m not. No, yes, I am (I’m not).

So, here we go. This is the beginning and let’s see what happens. And if you have any feedback or ideas, please feel free to share them with me. That I’m being honest about… kinda.

Buckle up. Let’s see where this ride takes us.


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