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Ah! March Madness Begins Today & I Didn’t Finish My Bracket

It’s not like I completely forgot, but things were just a tad bit hectic trying to get the blog rolling and… okay, nevermind. No excuses, play like a champion. I know.

I’m gonna shoot from the hip here and since the First Four started today, I’m going to go ahead and at the very least give you my regional winners, my Final Four picks and who I have to take it all.

Rich Barnes/USA TODAY Sports

Alright, here it goes.

Championship Game:

Winner: Syracuse

To be honest with you, I’m mostly hoping that Syracuse can regain it’s early season form and take it to the bank, and not to mention my family would kill me if I didn’t take the Orangemen. A part of me really likes Kansas, despite the recent injury to Joel Embiid, because something finally woke Andrew Wiggins up and he started to play like Andrew Wiggins was expected to. Just a hunch.

I’d love to hear your picks, so share them on Facebook, since I’m still working on the comments function. I know, I know. More excuses.

And one last thing, if you live within a 300 mile radius of Vegas, I highly suggest you stay away until mid-April. It may save your house, marriage and/or pants.

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