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Auburn Basketball Hires Hellboy, I Mean, Bruce Pearl

And I say that in the most respectable way possible. I guess when I look back at this photo of him from the Memphis Flyer, I just see Hellboy in the slightly, darker Auburn orange. I don’t want to, I just do.

John Reed/USA TODAY Sports

Bruce Pearl, the former men’s basketball coach at Tennessee is the type of coach undergrads and some alumni, love. He’s very school spirited and has a very respectable, actually great, 462-145 win-loss record over the course of his career.

Sure, the man made some mistakes and lied, which got him booted from Tennessee, but everyone deserves a second chance. He paid his dues and I wish him luck.

I think the biggest challenge he’ll face is trying to take any attention from Auburn football and bringing it to the court. I bet half those kids there don’t even know they have a men’s basketball team.

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