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Matt Leinart Doesn’t Want To Grow Up. Leads USC Onto Field… Again

Well, I said it before and I’ll say it again: I think Matt Leinart REALLY misses college.

Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

The former USC football quarterback returned to the Coliseum on Saturday to lead his Trojans onto the field against Notre Dame. Appparently this is Leinart’s second time leading the Trojans onto the field since he left campus, and he’s keeping count of his record, which is now 2-0.

The joke about Leinart missing his college years is becoming too easy. Maybe that Dish commercial he did was spot on. At this rate, if Leinart keeps up his one win a year for USC, he’ll eclipse his total of eight career NFL wins in no time.

Here’s a quick video of the other time Leinart led USC out of the tunnel. This time, against Stanford.

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