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The Buffalo Bills Sign Richie Incognito To 1-Year Deal. This Should Get Fun

As if the Buffalo Bills didn’t have enough to deal with when they signed Rex Ryan, they went ahead and signed another headache big personality.

Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports

Yep. The Bills signed guard Richie Incognito to a 1-year contract yesterday.

And what better way to quitely announce his signing then to announce it on Twitter, where he hadn’t posted in almost a year?

This will be Incognito’s second stint with the Bills and he appears to come at a rather good discount. According to Albert Breer of The NFL Network, the team’s financial risk comes only with a $900,000 base salary.

But what about the mental risk?

The team is young and they’re already going to have to deal with the adjustment to Ryan’s coaching style. In case you forgot, Incognito was suspended and released by the Miami Dolphins for harrassing then teammate Jonathan Martin in 2013.

The Bills feel that since he wasn’t picked up by any team last season, Incognito has served his sentence. There’s no clue on how short of a leash they’ll have on him, but I’d have to imagine it’ll be very short.

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