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Richard Sherman Defends DeSean Jackson With Twitter Pic

Richard Sherman has something to say. This isn’t new.

Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

And unless you’ve been completely away from every media source since Friday morning, then it also shouldn’t be new to you that DeSean Jackson was abruptly released by the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have still yet to give the exact reason why they have released one of the best players in the NFL, but most people believe they’re trying to avoid an Aaron Hernandez Part II.

By that I mean, many speculate that after a news article came out about Jackson and his supposed gang ties in Los Angeles, the Eagles did not want to be associated with anyone associated with gang members or harsh crimes. Fair enough.

But the thing is, there isn’t any hard proof that Jackson has any gang ties, except some photos and maybe some circumstantial instances. Even the LAPD came out today and said that Jackson is not related to any gang-related killings that have happened in LA, according to CBS Sports.

Now this is when Richard Sherman jumps in. Apparently Sherman and Jackson have been friends since childhood, posting a picture to his Twitter account that looks to be for support for Jackson.

Sherman does have a point. A person shouldn’t be judged by the actions of others. But there is also a grey area where you are who you associate with.

Let’s all hope that this was an instance where the Eagles were over-paranoid about Jackson’s actions and friends or that he was maybe released for something we have no clue about yet.


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