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VIDEO: Marshawn Lynch & Rob Gronkowski Should Have Their Own Reality Show

This is for all of you who get upset at Marshawn Lynch not talking to the media… or anyone.

Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks running back teamed up with Rob Gronkowski to appear on Conan, that is to appear tonight. It looks like Lynch and the New England Patriots tight end are participating in a little segment called “The Big Game Showdown”. The two of them aren’t going to square up on the football field (that’s for Sunday), rather they’re competing against each other on Mortal Kombat X.

Since the segment doesn’t run until tonight, the one-minute teaser for the show is actually pretty hilarious.

I could sum it up for you, but I’ll just suck at doing it, so you should just watch it for yourself. But to lead into the clip, there’s two things that I found hilarious.

1. Lynch has probably said more in that minute than he has all season.
2. Gronkowski apparently thinks that Lipitor is a drug that helps with erectile dysfunction.


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